2.0   File Management

  • MobiSlope drawings are stored in a simple file system that allows for folders and subfolders to be created for you to organize your work. When MobiSlope first loads, you are presented with the file management view.
  • MobiSlope drawings (.msl) are fully compatible with our companion app MacSlope.
  • At any time, tap a drawing or folder name at the top of the screen to rename it.

While in the file management view

  • Create a new MobiSlope drawing or folder by tapping the button in the bottom right corner.
  • Press and hold your finger over existing drawings and folders to delete, duplicate, email, or move drawings to another subfolder.

While editing a drawing

  • Save a drawing by tapping the "< Save" button in the top left corner of a drawing. Saving drawings is only available for paid subscriptions.
  • Export a drawing using the Export Tool.

While outside the app

  • MobiSlope or MacSlope files can be opened in MobiSlope using iOS.
  • .DXF files containing valid drawing geometry can be opened and imported in MobiSlope using iOS. LINE and POLYLINE objects are supported. All imported points are rounded to 3 decimal places.