3.2   Grid Lines and Snap Preferences

Grid Lines

  • Tap the grid lines button from the right toolbar buttons to toggle the display of grid lines for the drawing. Grid lines are displayed when the grid lines button is blue.
  • Press and hold your finger over the grid lines button to change the grid line spacing settings.
  • By default the grid line display is set to auto spacing, which draws as many grid lines as can reasonably fit on the screen. When auto spacing is disabled, the grid lines will be drawn at the spacing entered in the manual spacing field.

Snap Preferences

  • Tap the snap button from the right toolbar buttons to enable/disable snapping. Snapping is enabled when the button is blue.
  • If snapping is enabled, it applies when drawing lines, piezo surfaces, search grids, ranges, specified surfaces, or when moving points using the Points / Piezo Points tool. It does not apply when drawing point loads or surcharges.
  • Press and hold your finger over the snap button to change the snap preferences. The possible snap preferences are:
  • Snap to points - snaps to end points of lines.
  • Snap to lines - snaps to any points on lines.
  • Snap to boundaries - snaps to drawing boundaries.
  • Snap to grid - snaps to currently displayed grid lines.

  • Note: The priority of the snap preferences are in the order they are listed. (ie. if snap to points and snap to grid are both enabled, objects will snap to points first)